EMPOWERING SERENITY through deep contemporary art

Empowering, soothing sensual paintings created from a state of connectedness, that elevate your spirit, heal your soul and impact your space through their vibrant colors, flowing shapes & mystical touch.

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Let me intuitively connect to YOU and create your unique artwork. Like a transcription of the soul, it is a reflection of your inner being or the perfect composition for you to feel a certain effect, as its vibrations are perfectly harmonised to what you desire or need.

  • "Isa Q connected me with my femininity with my personalised painting. It feels very rewarding to have my intuitive portrait made. Every day I look at it and I discover new details. I love it!!"

    ~ Cécile L.

  • "The painting Isa Q made in connection to me really reflects who I am. It brings color to my home, it's so beautiful, it brings me joy and makes me feel loved and whole."

    ~ Marion L.

  • "My being feels understood by Isa Q's art. As if it came to awaken my inner child. Her paintings really bring something unique to my home, that is not to be found elsewhere. They make me feel well, imaginative, bringing me a sense of inner peace."

    ~ Sandra B.

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Discover and get inspired by the collection of paintings created as my personal expression. Buy your favorite(s) directly through the webshop or don't hesitate to tell me if you'd like to have a chat with me first !

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