Hi ! I am Isa Q, a vision-inspired, sensitive artist. I am Dutch and living in between the magnificently inspiring
ocean, forests and mountains of south-west France.

In my imagination, I come from a starry ocean in the universe, yet I am rooted in this earth. The connections with below and above come together in my core and find its way through my body and through my hands while painting.

The creation phase gets me in a state of connectivity, inspiration coming from an invisible force (whether you call it a quantic information field, the universe, the all, life's great mystery or God) in the form of visions or visuals, shapes, colours, senses, words or symbols...

Repeat with me ;)


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I'd love to get in touch so don't hesitate to contact me so we can share some inspirational thoughts over a coffee!

A zebra-spirited artist

As you will read on about my story, you will notice that my path is quite atypical, not the easiest one but unique and some would say brave. I relate to several animals as you will see in my artworks but one in particular:

The zebra stands for originality and teaches how to find the middle ground, all while helping to discover your free-spiritedness. It shows you how to go on, how to embrace your high sensitivity and intense experience of things. To stand strong as the beautiful, particular being that you are.

Being this zebra-spirited person, creating art helps me process impressions, feelings and emotions on a subconscious level, connects me to hope, to the ungraspable beauty of life and gives me inner joy. Expressing myself through paint empowers me to go on and connect to myself with softness.

I love what my art vibrates

What vibrates from a painting once it is finished leaves me in awe – I just love what I see with my eyes but it is also speaking to my senses and to my soul. It reminds me that I am loved and that there is a deeper meaning to it all.

My art gives me guidance on my life’s journey to be(come) the aligned, loving, empowering woman that I am supposed to incarnate, to do the things that I am meant to do, to connect with my inner joy and my true being so that I can vibrate this onto the world.

Through expressing myself and sharing beauty, I help others to thrive and I have found this to be my mission.

Have a look at my original artworks and prints, please feel free to get inspired and benefit from their beautiful vibrations ^^

My story...

I was born in the eighties in a squatter house in the city center of Maastricht in the Netherlands, to hippie parents who let me express myself freely. I remember dressing up, dancing in the living room, drawing on walls, imagining plays...

At school, I excelled in arts but feeling quite ungrounded in life and unfit to 'earn a living' as an artist, I later chose to study and build a career in international communications. After 10 years of entrepreneurship and several losses, came a difficult time of burnout and mourning. Often a time of change and so it was for me, as it allowed me to rediscover how right it was for me to express myself freely through art.

2012 was the year in which came a great need to go from numbing my pain and trying to fit in a society to reconnecting to myself. I took my brushes back in hand. The year predicted to be the end of the world, was for me the beginning of a new era. I went through a sometimes rough but always enriching path to develop and discover my painting style and what it actually encompasses today.The personal development which was always a part of my life now complemented with a deeper, spiritual search.

By nature interested in human beings and their psyche, relationships, the senses and all that is invisible and somehow magical, it still took me several years before I could acknowledge my hypersensivity and clairvoyance, and to see the beauty that comes from my art.

...To today

And so at last, I dared to call myself a true artist.

Today, I live and paint and dance in a small chalet in a town in the South-West of France. It has great pine forests and a magnificent ocean and when I go for a stroll, I can see the majestic mountains arise. I just love nature's creations.

My atelier is quite cute and small (but I've sent out a request to the universe for a bigger one!) with all the colours and materials needed at hand. So when the time comes that I receive a vision of what wants to be transmitted onto the canvas, I can start with the composition and then let the colors and movements come organicly.

I share my creation process (including little dance expressions ;) on social media.

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You inspire me

More and more though, I create paintings on demand. Somehow, a flow is manifesting as soon as a request has been expressed and it gets me into this state of being where the inspiration about this specific person or theme can arise.

What truly makes me sparkle from within, is the reaction of the person when discovering their personal connected painting for the first time. From joyful tears to deep recognition, every single time, it moved their soul. And so it moved mine.

With love,

Isa Q

Have your very own SOUL PAINTING or SOUL PORTRAIT created by me

I love making artworks that are intuitively connected to a person, that are themed to their spirit ánd to their surroundings.

Contact me to reserve your personal abstract or figurative artwork or if you want to experience a live session during which I create your soul painting directly in front of you!