Collection: Commissions and readings: an artwork intuitively connected to... you!

Not just any art on your walls

I offer personalised paintings and commissioned soul readings. I can either do them in person in front of you (an amazing interactive experience where you get to see the magic unfold in front of your eyes!) or I can create them for you in my atelier and present you with the finished piece.

What vibrates from a painting once it is finished, is kind of magical – it is a lust for the eyes but it is also speaking to your senses and to your soul.

My paintings are for you to contemplate, like in a still moment between breaths, to let the colors and shapes enter your soul and allow them to empower your true being, guide you on your path, bring you a sense of joy and leave you in awe.

More so, a soul portrait is a reflection of your inner being or the perfect composition especially for you to feel a certain effect, as its vibrations are perfectly harmonised to what you desire or need to feel good and go ahead on your life path.

  • "Isa Q's paintings make me feel considered and enveloped, like in a big hug. They help me evolve and move forward, their vibrations being in perfect harmony with what I am going through now and what is coming my way. Her art and her guidances shine a light on my path."

    Hélène B.

  • "Trusting that intuition, that feeling in my belly, makes life smile at me. I feel free, and strong. Isa Q has intuitively put this in a photo pose and created my amazing painted portrait. I love it so very much and it comes with me while I move around the world."

    Leona D.

  • "Isa Q has the ability to capture the essence and made my painting according to my inner being. I love the colors. When feeling off, it makes me feel renewed and reassured, it puts me on track again. Thank you for this beauty that ravives my room and my being."

    Coralie D.

Have your unique artwork made for you

Let me intuitively connect to YOU and create your unique artwork!

Often when I have A DEMAND, I start receiving visions or visuals, shapes, colours, senses, words or symbols that inspire me deeply to start creating from a previsualised composition.

During the LIVE SESSIONS, I just start from a blank canvas that I start to fill, being fully aware and instinctive, playful, until reaching a feeling of total fulfillment. Then I just know the painting is ready to do its work: to enlighten, to heal, to apease, to empower, to inspire.

In all cases, please go ahead and contact me, commissions are my favorite ^^

Commissions come in all sizes and price ranges.

Live sessions (with a 30x30cm painting) are 95€
Small formats (i.e. 50x50cm) are around 200€
Medium formats (i.e. 100x100cm) are around 1000€
Large formats (i.e. 150x150cm) are around 2500€

For specific demands or dimensions I gladly make a proposal free of obligations and it is good to know that payment in installments is an option too.

In all cases, we discuss all details such as your personal wishes, the dimensions, the price and payment options, the delivery time and potential revisions. It is important to me that all feels totally right for the both of us and that we come to an agreement that makes both of us happy before the works start. And during the creation process, I love to keep a close contact too and surprise you with the development of your impatiently awaited magic gift to yourself...

Contact me with any questions you may have!