Intuitive guidance sessions

Have your own personal painting made by me right in front of you and an analysis of the intuitive messages that came through it!

Either face to face or via zoom, see your personal painting be made while we take a time to chat and drink coffee, or relax and listen to music.

I capture your essence and vibrations and transmit them intuitively onto a canvas, right in front of you, so you can see the artwork develop.

An artwork connected to your soul, intuitively representing who you are, your uniqueness, and vibrating frequences of what you need ; be it light, joy, confidence, strength, guidance, love, serenity, wonder or anything else. Having your personal abstract painting made is a magical journey and the final painting will be your reminder that you are loved, bringing you a sense of inner joy, leaving you in awe before life's magic.

Together we analyse and discuss the final painting. If you'd like, I can lay out some oracle cards to deepen the analysis. You leave home with your piece of art, a personal growth and some beautiful messages for your life's path.

That you may live your truth, see your inner you, acknowledge your beauty, follow your path, become fulfilled, overcome doubt and connect to joy!

Previous paintings from sessions to inspire you

Curious? Excited? Get in touch with me to exchange ideas around your personal session of intuitive guidance through painting!