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Lila 💜

Lila 💜

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A quite strong yet very sweet artwork, Lila depicts the art of effortlessness. Deep and majestic with its dark violet to bright purple nuances. Rich with its pouring effects, abstract methods, figurative portrait, sand medium and craquelés. 

"Life had taught me that I needed to surrender. So I did, yet it felt like a defeat, like giving up, powerless, as if I were swept by the wind. Dramatic waves of trauma came to stir my soul until a powerful serenity took over me and I could now calmly enjoy the soft water splashes, as the once turbulent waves do not reach me any longer. I could rest my feet in the sand, sense the breeze on my skin, and while the moon is sending loving thoughts to my body and being, I could smile softly upon the right now."

 Also the creation process of this painting was effortless as I took all the time, painted only when I felt the flow. The pouring technique is kind of magical ; I initiated and guided a little but the paint finds its own ways and creates beauty while I am breathing. The once visualised portrait led to a light and fun photoshoot, and came intuitively onto the canvas as I empied my mind and filled the canvas with brushes, hands and love.

Having your very own portrait made is also possible!

This artwork will bring harmony to your space, mesmerising your senses and inspiring your soul in magic ways.

Mixed media on stretched canvas



Beautiful without frame, as the canvas is 3D and painted on the sides. If you wish, contact me for framing options.

In terms of color, I take a lot of care and attention to making sure the photographs are an exact representation of the original painting, however slight colour variations may occur.

©2023 Isa Quodbach
Do not copy or distribute in any form. Reproduction rights are not transferable with sale.

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