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Zebra Spirit Fine Art Print

Zebra Spirit Fine Art Print

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An unavoidable eye catcher with its vibrant colors, deep layers and stunning contrast that fills your space with color and liveliness yet blends in harmoniously. 

Zebra spirit has the ability to make your mind wander, awaken your imagination, to have you daydream. As its energies enter your soul, you feel soothed and present in the moment. You can feel your senses illuminating and filling you with peace and joy. Having this painting around makes problems and feelings of insecurity fade away, leaving a sense of harmony and a new free and open space inside. 

As a personal note; I named this painting Zebra Spirit, as it depicts for me my atypical being, my unique consciousness having its experience in a sensorial, experimental, sometimes chaotic existence. Life. 

In life, I long to be in connection with this space within where there is only calmness and clarity, where I feel secure, where I simply am what I AM. My Spirit. But also, I am connected to everything that I encounter; emotions, feelings, thoughts, situations, people, the planet and all its living creatures, the universe and all its mysteries. 

With this painting, I acknowledge each and everyone's uniqueness. 

Inviting this artwork into your space is honoring YOU, your inner being, your expression, your life that you are living. And it will support you, heal you, guide you to your inner self and through life.

The fine art print (200gsm) is done on a museum-quality fine art print paper with a textured, matt finish.


In terms of color, I take a lot of care and attention to making sure the photographs are an exact representation of the original painting, however slight colour variations may occur.

©2023 Isa Quodbach
Do not copy or distribute in any form. Reproduction rights are not transferable with sale


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