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Surround yourself with beauty

These vibrant artworks come from a deep inspiration and are meant to inspire on. They are like transcriptions of the sky that come fill your soul with quietness and inner strength.

At any time, spontaneously, or when in a contemplative mode, I receive visions or visuals, shapes, colours, senses, words or symbols that inspire me deeply to start creating from a previsualised composition.

Some other paintings just start from a blank canvas that I start to fill, being fully aware and instinctive, playful, until reaching a feeling of total fulfillment. Then I just know the painting is ready to do its work: to enlighten, to heal, to apease, to empower, to inspire.

What vibrates from a painting once it is finished, is kind of magical – it is a lust for the eyes but it is also speaking to your senses and to your soul.

My paintings are for you to contemplate, like in a still moment between breaths, to let the colors and shapes enter your soul and allow them to empower your true being, guide you on your path, bring you a sense of joy and leave you in awe.

  • "When I look at Isa Q's artworks on my wall, they give me the feeling that I can handle anything in life. With their vibrant colors, they instantly lift me up."

    Edwin V.

  • "I saw this painting and I knew that it was made especially for me. I placed it right next to where I always sit. I live alone, but being close to the painting gives me the feeling of being hugged and safe."

    Ilona B.

  • "Wellbeing is what I feel with Isa Q's painting. The spiritual connexion is what has drawn me to this portrait. A strong emotional state, a connexion to the invisible. And extra special for me is that this is an autoportrait of the artist herself!"

    Luc P.

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Buy a unique original artwork

As there is only ONE real original of each painting, don't miss out on your favorite and buy it now!

Is it sold already? Have your very own personalised painting created by me : I love making artworks that are intuitively connected to a person, that are themed to their spirit ánd to their surroundings.

In all cases, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions ^^