Original paintings

Vision-inspired & soul-inspiring originals for sale & a selection of sold originals for your inspiration ✨

The vibrant abstracts that I create come from a deep inspiration and are meant to inspire on. They are like transcriptions of the sky

At any time, spontaneously, or when in a contemplative mode, I receive visions or visuals, shapes, colours, senses, words or symbols that inspire me deeply to start creating from a previsualised composition.

Some other paintings just start from a blank canvas that I start to fill, being fully aware and instinctive, playful, until reaching a feeling of total fulfillment. Then I just know the painting is ready to do its work: to enlighten, to heal, to apease, to empower, to inspire.

What vibrates from a painting once it is finished, is kind of magical – it is a lust for the eyes but it is also speaking to your senses and to your soul.

My paintings are for you to contemplate, like in a still moment between breaths, to let the colors and shapes enter your soul and allow them to empower your true being, guide you on your path, bring you a sense of joy and leave you in awe.

Does a sold painting inspire you to have your own personalised painting of to have one made as a gift? I love to make connected, personalised artworks. Go to COMMISSIONS or CONTACT and let me paint for you!